Digitization & Change

The digital transformation is changing our lives and our economy as profoundly as the Industrial Revolution did 200 years ago - but much faster this time. In recent years, it has had a rapidly growing impact on almost all areas of the economy, forcing us to radically question and, in many cases, completely redesign tried-and-tested business models. Parallel to this development, the communication and perception behavior of younger people in particular has changed fundamentally. Both processes have not been completed and will bring about further upheavals, which will put most companies under strong pressure to act if they want to remain successful in the market. Managers who have to cope with this change and make the decisions necessary for the company's continued existence face particular challenges. Constant change challenges them to the limits of their capabilities. We support you in the timely recognition of necessary changes, develop suitable change concepts with you and accompany the subsequent implementation in the company.

Training Program: Leading as a Coach

Hierarchy-oriented leadership concepts have largely become obsolete and are increasingly being replaced by a more contemporary understanding of leadership: the leader as a coach. The executive no longer acts in his former role as client and controller of tasks and their fulfillment, but in the best case becomes the sparring partner of his employees, whom he develops and promotes on and with their tasks: he acts as their coach, with whose support they not only master their tasks, but who at the same time helps them grow in their abilities and professional opportunities. Increasingly, mastering this modern understanding of leadership is the key to success, especially when it comes to younger employees.

To address this important shift, we have developed a program that systematically trains managers to become Leaders as a Coach.

Training Program: Leading as a Coach

Generation Y & Z

Generation Y & Z

Generation Y refers to the age group born between 1980 and 1998, whose older representatives have already taken on their first management responsibilities, and generatrion Z to the upcoming generation born between 1997 and the beginning of the 2000s, who are currently entering professional life. This is a new generation of young people who are not adopting the set of values and resulting rules of their predecessors but are instead thoroughly questioning them and redefining them for themselves. This also applies in particular to rites and rules of the game in business life, which previously could not be changed very much. The parallel demographic change is presenting companies with further changed requirements: in some areas, the labor market is already evolving from an employer market to an employee market. REUSCH IBC helps managers to recognize the signs of the times in time, to interpret the resulting need for change and thus to achieve a better competitive position.

Bridge between Old and New World

In order to remain successful as a company, it is necessary to adapt the world of values of the analog age to the requirements of digitization and, if it makes sense, to combine the two. Executives and employees from both the "old" and the "new" world must be integrated into this process: they must be "picked up" and equipped with a high degree of open-mindedness for the experiences of the respective "other" side. REUSCH IBC sees itself as a mediator and catalyst: we speak the language of both "worlds" and ask the resulting questions. Our team represents several age groups and thus reflects the different seniority levels on the side of our clients. Together with your executives, we develop solutions in the form of conceptual design and planning of necessary change projects, whose successful realization respectively sustainable implementation we subsequently accompany and support closely.

Bridge between old and new world


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